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The 2013 DRMS production of Les Misérables was a big hit.

Valjean as a prisoner

Valjean finds mercy from a clergyman

The wretched poor

The wretched poor

The foreman in the factory where Fantine worked

Fantine confronted and with no place to turn

The scene of debauchery down at the docks

The wretched poor

Javert appears at the docks

Valjean at the docks

Valjean and Javert face-off

Cosette, Fantine's daughter, is treated like a slave by the Thenardiers

Patrons at the Thenardiers's pub

Patrons at the Thenardiers' pub

Monsieur Thenardier

Madame Thenardier

The Thenardiers with young Cosette

The wretched poor

The wretched poor

The wretched poor

Do you hear the people sing?


Eponine and Marius talk on the street

The students in the cafe prepare for rebellion

Enjolras in the cafe

Enjolras rallies the students

Students in the cafe

Marius and Enjolras in the cafe


Valjean and Cosette talk in the garden

Marius and Cosette talk in the garden

Eponine sings of unrequited love

Eponine on the barricades

Javert is captured by the students at the barricade

Eponine is the first to die

The students defend the barricade

Valjean guards Javert but has mercy on him and lets him escape

One of the brave students

The students comfort one another before the big attack

Marius at the barricade

Marius and the dead Gavroche

After the final attack, everyone is left dead

M. Thenardier robs the dead of their valuables

Javert throws himself off the bridge into the river

Marius is recovering from his injuries at the barricade

Marius and Valjean talk about the future

Marius and Cosette are married

The Thenardiers visit the wedding

... it doesn't go well

Valjean dies

Fantine sings at Valjean's death

Eponine sings at Valjean's death

The cast thank the audience


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